Admin Control Panel – First Functions

The Administrator Control Panel in our current development area, and the very first administrator room setting is now available to experiment with for all room owners.   Additional settings and page functions will be available soon, giving room owners better control, and more interesting options to give their chatters a superior chatting experience.

As you may have read in our previous blog posting, room-specific titles are one of the things we’re working on.   The first room-specific title option, the “Fan Title” for your users who have Liked your associated facebook page, is now available to be set.  This means you can select the text of the title, and set the graphic, to be whatever you want… any chatter that uses the default “Chatter” title in your room will instead display your custom room title, when in your room, if they have Liked your facebook page.

You may notice the Custom Background Content area of the settings is there too.  This will allow you to set a custom URL to a graphic or SWF file, to use as your room’s background.  The client-side implementation of this is not yet in place, so you won’t see any results from this, but we’re leaving the option available so that when we do implement the client-side portion, you can be ready.

The three administration tabs/pages other than settings are not yet available.  These should be available in the next week or two – certainly the ability to remove administrators or existing user penalties will be in place soon.  Customized room titles other than the Fan title, will likely the the last to be implemented as we still haven’t decided how to display the selection for these to your users.