Background Music Added

Rooms can now specify either an MP3 file to loop, or a Shoutcast URL to stream, as background music.  This requires the user choose to enable music while in your room – you cannot force a user to listen to the music automatically due to the security issues associated with forcing users to make connections to 3rd party systems.

The background music setting replaces the Custom Content URL setting that we were working on.   We determined that most room administrators would have difficulty understanding and dealing with the Flash security sandbox issues surrounding the use of custom images and flash movies as room backgrounds – issues that are not a major concern when it comes to simple audio playback.    Hopefully at some point we will offer some easy and effective visual options, but for now audio should be working properly.

If you are a room owner, and you want to make use of this new feature, you should go into your Administrator Control Panel (via the Page App on your FB page) and enter the full URL to either the MP3 file or the Shoutcast server you want to stream the music from… including the leading http:// – if it is a shoutcast server the URL should end with the port number for your server stream (no trailing slashes or anything else).   Once you have set the URL and it has been accepted, you can enter your room (you’ll have to leave it and re-enter it if you’re already in it) and then clicking on the room’s background will bring up the room menu, which will now include an “Enable Music” option.  That will turn the music on, and a “Disable Music” option in the same menu will turn it off…. as will exiting the room or playing music in another room.

We will likely add in some form of volume and play control to the UI in the coming weeks.  For now, enjoy the music!