Rank, Social Rating, and Loyalty

With the recent reset of the currency (it was always intended – prior to the reset it was just testing – and with the market place now added, it was time) a few new things showed up in Voodoo Chat that have left some people a bit puzzled.   The two most visible things are Rank and Social Rating.   I’ll start off by talking about the Social Rating which, despite having no direct effect on chatting, has already begun stirring up chatters’ obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Social Rating is a simple number that can be positive or negative, and which gives people who encounter you for the first time a bit of an idea of how personable you’re likely to be.   Your Social Rating is based on the number of in-chat friends you have, but is decreased by the number of people who have blocked you, and by the number of people who have refused your friend requests in the past.


Social Ratings are displayed on the chatter list panels in every chat room, just below the sex indicator.   Positive numbers are pro-social, negative numbers are anti-social.  This doesn’t mean, of course, that Social Rating is a perfect predictor of how well you’ll get along with someone, it just gives you a bit of an idea of how they’ve been getting along with other chatters in the past.   This number will be displayed on friend requests as well, to help people decide on whether to accept or reject requests from people they don’t know.

The other new addition is Rank, which is a progressively increasing status number for chat accounts based on a user’s participation.  A second, not yet easily seen number called “loyalty” is also a key aspect of the Rank system.   As you take part in the chat currency system by converting room currency to global currency, or buying/earning titles and account upgrades with global currency, you will gain loyalty points.   When those points reach a certain level you gain in Rank.   It is a one-way process – you never lose loyalty or decrease in Rank.

What does Rank do?   Rank gives you small, but permanent, account upgrades.   As soon as you earn your first Rank (which takes 1 loyalty point, meaning the second you do anything that earns loyalty, you gain your first Rank) you go from being able to be in one room at a time, to being able to be in two rooms at the same time.    Every 10 ranks after that you add one more room to your potential.   Rooms in which you are an admin don’t count against this, meaning that you can be in your own room, and two more, if your maximum rooms is two.    Additionally, each Rank increases the amount of Bronze you can convert room currency into, per day, by 1 permanently.

Humble beginnings, yes… but we plan to attach all sorts of interesting things to the Rank system to reward regular chatters, and the Rank system encourages chatters to take part in room currency systems, which makes them more likely to take part in your activities if you are a room owner.     As always, it’s all optional!  If you don’t like this kind of thing, just chat the way you always would and ignore it.